Reward Campaign

Slavi, the first cross-chain decentralized SuperDApp, is launching a major event, where every user can share a pool of $1,000,000. Share your unique referral code, complete tasks, and earn points.

In this article, we will explain the basic rules for participating in the Slavi Reward Campaign.

How to join the Slavi Reward Campaign?

Download Slavi Super DApp:

If you have a referral code, paste it when you first run the DApp. If you don’t have one, just click on “I don’t have a code” or “Continue”.

Note: If you don’t have a code, or if you already have the Super DApp installed and have not entered the code before, you can find a referral code in Settings. The referral code is generated per mnemonic, each code is unique and does not change.

  • The “Your points” section shows your total number of points.

  • “You have invited” shows the total number of invited friends.

You can share your unique referral code with friends and get points.

1 invited friend = 100 points + 10% of the points earned by the referral.

How to get extra points?

There are 5 types of tasks to get extra points:

1. Deposit and hold

Top up your balance and get points depending on the amount:

100$ — 15 points 500$ — 100 points 1000$ — 300 points 1000–5000$ — 1000 points

The following cryptocurrencies are included in the event:


2. Swap

Get points for every swap in the Super DApp. For each swap, points are rewarded at 100% of the purchase amount in dollar terms. The trading volume on pairs for which you can find out the dollar balance is summed up.

3. Stake

Stake BTC, LTC, and DOGE and earn points. Points are calculated using the formula of $1 token (equivalent) = 1 point.

Points are calculated based on the staking period:

3 months — 15% of the deposit amount 6 months — 40% of the deposit amount 1 year — 100% of the deposit amount

Example: The price of BTC is $50k. If you stake 2 BTC for 1 year, you will get 100,000 points. The exchange rate of the token is taken at the time of staking.

4. Buy crypto

Get points for every token purchase. For each purchase, you receive points at 700% of the purchase amount in dollar terms.

5. Hold NFT

Hold NFT on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon or Metis and earn points.

1 NFT = 100 points Note: There is a limit of 20 NFTs per network.

Mint Slavi anniversary NFT

Exclusive bonus: you can mint Slavi’s anniversary NFT and get 2,000 points for each mint!

Join Slavi Reward Campaign to share pool rewards

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