2.2 Deposit withdrawal and purchase of crypto.

Now you are able to deposit, send and store any crypto we support inside Slavi Wallet.

To send coins or tokens you can choose any asset you would like to send and click on it and clock “Send” inside the asset page or you can click “Send” button at the top of the screen and select your coin.

Here you can select the account from which you want to send assets in the “from account” field. In the “recipient” field you can paste the address using the “paste” button or scan QR code. In the field amount please enter the amount you want to send. Please note that for Ethereum, BNB Smart chain, Polygon and many other blockchains you need to have some native coins like ETH for Ethereum, BNB coin for BNB Smart chain etc to pay transaction fees.

To receive coins also choose your asset in the list on the main page or via “Receive” button at the top of the screen.

At the top of this page is shown your balance, also here are QR code for your address and the address itself. To receive assets to this address, please copy it or show QR to the sender.

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