Secure By Design

Slavi DApp aims to be a truly decentralized application – eventually removing all third parties and minimizing the attack vectors for malicious actors.

The true benefit of Web3 is the ability to transact and communicate on our own terms – without middlemen.

Secure Financial Transactions

Sending, storing, and receiving cryptocurrencies or tokens within the Slavi DApp is safe from attack. Private keys are never exposed. Transactions are only processed when initiated and confirmed by the owner of the private keys.

Secure Browsing

When browsing Web3, end-user data and browsing information are not accessible by any third parties without consent. Any transactions made while using the Slavi DApp browser implement the same security standards and best practices used in the Slavi DApp wallet.

Secure Identity

Your identity in Slavi DApp starts with a locally generated cryptographic key pair, which is then protected via a password. That's all that is required. The user then has the ability to add information to their profile to build up who they are in Slavi DApp. At all times, the user has full control over their information, and who has access to it. The end-user can be as public or private as they want.

End-to-End Encryption by Default

When you create a Slavi DApp account, a cryptographic key pair is generated to encrypt your messages and stored locally on your device. When you add a new contact in Slavi, you exchange public keys so that that person can decrypt your messages when received over the network.

Pseudo-Anonymous Account Generation

When you create a new account, you will never be asked for third-party verification, such as an email or phone number. This means you can sign up for and create a Slavi DApp account and remain pseudo-anonymous. When you create an account, it is simply you and your keys. This also means that two-factor authentication and password recovery are not features within Slavi DApp - so be sure to remember your password and mnemonic phrase and store them offline somewhere extremely safe.

How does Slavi protect my cryptocurrency?

Slavi is built with a non-custodial wallet, giving you full control over your funds without the use of a server. The private keys are stored in an encrypted manner on your device. Your money is under your control, and cannot be accessed by anyone without a private key. Therefore, if you lose your mnemonic phrase, you will never be able to restore access to your funds. So keep your private keys somewhere safely offline.

Rigorous Auditing

As we reach major milestones in development, after rounds of internal review and auditing, we reach out to industry-leading, third-party auditing firms to verify our sanity, and double/triple check the work that we do. These security audits are not guarantees of security in the projects they pertain to. They are additional checks from objective third parties to help bolster confidence in the security of intended functionality.

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