2.1 Beginner Steps

  1. Download our app via Google Play or App Store.

2. After loading you can start with settings, at the first step you can choose native fiat currency for wallet (at the moment we support USD, EUR and AED) and language (Chinese, French, Arabic, English, German. and Spanish)

3. On the next step read Slave wallet user agreement and accept it you agree it.

4. Then you can set PIN code and Biometric authentication, we strongly recommend it to protect your funds.

5. Here you can generate new account or import an existing mnemonic phrase. Note, that the mnemonic phrase grants access to your funds and don’t show it to anyone. This phrase will be integrated locally for you and nobody will have access to it, that’s why our wallet is non-custodial. It means that the mnemonic phrase stores locally and only the owner has access to it.

6. After click om “Create new account” a mnemonic phare will be generated for you, please write it down and store it carefully, cause losing of mnemonic phare will lead to losing access to your funds and nobody would be able to restore it.

7. In the next step, confirm your phrase in the correct order.

8. After confirming your mnemonic phrase wallet will need some seconds to sync all data for you and it will be ready for use.

After click on “Get to work” we have prepared for you some introductory screens.

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