Explore the Slavi NFT-World and discover the world of decentralized art while securely managing your NFTs in the marketplace on-chain.

Fully decentralized

The platform is non-custodial and holds no user funds and is based on a smart contract system that allows buyers and sellers to interact.


The NFT marketplace will initially support BSC and Polygon. We intend to deploy our product on more popular blockchains soon.

Create Your Collection

Click "My Collections" to start minting your NFT. You can add social links to let people find you, a description, a banner, profile pictures, and set up royalties. You're in control!


Smart contracts with automated and immutable rules will enforce properties on individual tokens to make them truly unique.

NFT Builder

Enjoy a set of templates that you can use to create your design and the option to purchase branded skins for $SLV.


For each user you invite who buys NFT, you get a royalty discount of 100% for the first two sales as well as loyalty points which you can use to buy $SLV, merch, and NFTs. You can also get points by subscribing to social networks, installing the Slavi app, and making your 1st, 5th, and 10th trade.

Bulk management

Our platform's functionality allows you to download and upload NFTs in bulk. When creating a collection of 1000 NFTs, we make it possible to download entire collections with a single click.

Initial NFT Offering

Drop your NFT collection whenever you want, with sales beginning at a specific time pre-determined by you.

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