Slavi Finance is a Blockchain and AI based innovative FinTech solution based on WEB 3.0 but not only, allowing businesses, banks and physical person to launch physical Visa and Mastercard card, buy 5000+ cryptocurrencies with 40 different local currencies over the globe.
The Slavi Crypto ATM Features:
  • Pay with your Slavi card 
in cryptocurrency and fiat assets worldwide
  • Access to 5000 cryptocurrencies on 30 TOP blockchains through Slavi Dapp
  • Automated alert system (email and SMS) with managed escalation matrix
  • Instant print 7 different types of cards
  • Instant exchange and cashout in 40+ different local currencies
  • Instant KYC procedure for 150+ countries
  • Instant support from our multilingual 24/7 helpdesk
  • Quickly obtain the Slavi card by scanning your fingerprint and ID
  • Expired, lost or stolen card replacement in real-time
  • EMV card replenishment management system
  • Ability to buy rare NFT arts 
for fiat money with Slavi Finance
  • Worth of 5 million US Dollars operational limit for physical person
  • Slavi Crypto ATM equipped with 3rd party applications including Web 3 applications
  • Buying cryptocurrency for local fiat currency with minimal fees over the globe
  • Securely connected directly into the KMS via LAN or mobile network and real-time reporting engine