SuperDApp Features

Slavi company’s main product is a decentralized application operating in web, mobile and desktop environments. The following functions will be included as part of the application’s interface:
Easy buy-sell options: The Slavi application will contain an internal crypto exchange and swap platform that will allow users to easily and quickly purchase, sell, exchange, swap and transfer their digital assets to a variety of wallets, or to their own bank accounts or bank cards.
Cold storage: The cold storage function will allow users to send or receive their coins thanks to the integration of top blockchains and their tokens into the application’s operating mechanism.
Instant buy option: Users will be able to buy coins from top exchanges with order book analysis and have the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies in decimals at the lowest possible rates.
Cross-chain bridge and multi-chain asset management for quick, all-in-one and convenient management of assets held across various blockchains and wallets through a single interface with complete interoperability.
DeFi functionality: Staking, auto compound, liquidity mining and other opportunities offered by the decentralized finance market will be opened to users through the Slavi application’s interface.
Top DeFi offers management: The application will be tracking market offerings in real time and giving users comprehensive analysis of available metrics of DeFi products and services with instant management options.
Web3-Browser: An integrated Web 3 browser will give users instant access to decentralized web applications and services in a seamless fashion similar to that of conventional modern Web 2.0 search engines.
NFT marketplace: Slavi will be embracing the rapidly developing Non-Fungible Tokens market and giving users the opportunity to purchase, sell and exchange NFTs, or view galleries of tokenized assets.
Purchases of cryptocurrencies with bank cards: Users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies and other types of digital assets directly using their bank cards.